Edward Cuccia

Co-founder and Executive Chef 

MYNY Group of Companies



MYNY's one-of-a-kind New York-inspired cafe lets most of the best New York food take center stage. From buns and bread, cheesecakes, cakes, pizza, burger, spaghetti, milkshakes and not to mention, our signature MYNY Cookies which is already whole over Big City in Malaysia. All of our product here is carefully made with the original recipe that being brought - nearly 15,000 km - from New York.

All ingredients are strictly inspected by MYNY team to ensure that all products and ingredients meet Halal requirements as well as all food related safety protocols.

How Malaysia Met New York

Ammy, a Kuantan girl had made her own way to New York City and met Edward, a New York-Italian guy. In happiness, they created a wonderful life together. Even though, her heart never left Malaysia. Ammy dreamt of sharing with Malaysia the joy that she found in New York by bringing back home the food she loves.

#EatTogether #StayTogether

Eating with others bring about harmony and understanding among people. We believe by eating together, people can be more relaxed and enjoyed each other company and stay together eternally

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